CodeReady Containers & Apple Silicon

No OpenShift for Apple Silicon users

Before you dive deep: This will not give you a working local OpenShift on Apple Silicon but a working CRC using Podman. At the very end of my last post I briefly mentioned that CodeReady Containers(CRC) were not available for Apple Silicon. Literally two hours later I came across a GitHub Issue that’s functions as an epic ticket for CRC support on M1 and guess what? There’s a new comment hinting to a dev preview version. [Read More]

Openshift and Apple Silicon

the pains of an M1 user

After receiving my new M1 powered MacBooks Pro I was happy. Very happy. After all, it was quite the upgrade from the shabby Intel I5 powered MacBook Pro that I was running while still working at Red Hat. Everything is so blazing fast now, and it just feels nice. While I was aware that not all CLI tools have yet been cross-compiled for ARM, I had a tiny “what the fuk” moment when I wanted to get the work on the “Operating OpenShift” book going and found out that basically none of the tooling was ready for Apple Silicon. [Read More]