Containerize Everything - Part 1

First we need google stuff

It’s been years and years since Jessie Frazelle actually gave a phenomenal talk about Container Hacks and Fun Images. Basically this talk actually got me into containers back then so shout-out to Jessie for that. However, it’s been long 9 years, tools have changed, docker changed and I feel like it’s about time to give it a shot again, to try to stick everything in a container that’s needed for day to day work. [Read More]

Building a fine app

Getting started with Fyne

The hard truth is that I am lazy. Very lazy. Sometimes that’s good and sometimes it’s rather not. In this case it’s rather not. I want to be able to build mobile apps. Why is that? Well, sometimes I have some brain fart ideas and want to be able to prototype them quickly. Now the issue is, that the js package ecosystem is such a mess that I hate to touch it and therefore React Native is not really something I am keen on using. [Read More]
golang  Fyne 

Getting Back in Shape

Go for dummies

Let me set the scene: I’ve worked a bunch of jobs recently that basically expected a lot of talking and very little getting actual stuff done. You know, it’s just part of the evolution of becoming more senior as an engineer. You don’t really get to make a bigger impact if you just stay in your little comfort zone coding small features and fixing bugs. You need to go out and talk to people. [Read More]

Advent of Code - Day 2

Day 2, another day, another challenge. Part 1 Here’s the challenge: --- Day 2: Cube Conundrum --- You're launched high into the atmosphere! The apex of your trajectory just barely reaches the surface of a large island floating in the sky. You gently land in a fluffy pile of leaves. It's quite cold, but you don't see much snow. An Elf runs over to greet you. The Elf explains that you've arrived at Snow Island and apologizes for the lack of snow. [Read More]

Advent of Code - Day 1

It’s the time of year again where you come together and… DO CODE CHALLENGEEEEEES! Yes, Advent of Code is basically happening every year. With 24 cool challenges, in this case actually more, as we will find out. So I thought, why not get some coding done and then write a little thing about it. Actually, I got hooked by Polar Signal’s “Let’s Profile”, so kudos go there. I think it’s probably needless to say ,but I don’t, wouldn’t and can’t claim that my solutions are the best or fastest or whatever. [Read More]

Starting a new conference

because what could possibly go wrong?!

A while ago, there as a little bit of a conversation happening on Twitter, that was sparked by Matthias’s statement that more and more meetups are happening again. Now only a short year later, I felt like it was time. The time to actually follow through and start a new conference. In case you haven’t seen it yet: SkySummit This is a new thing. I mean, sure, I’ve organised a handful of concerts when I was in my early 20s, but I’m not sure that’s comparable. [Read More]

Writing a Container Platform - Part 3

Repo me

This one will be a little shorter, but still something worth talking about: how to set up the repo. I know, I know: “Just click the button”. That’s not really what I mean. It is more about everything I like to have in repo. Community standards License The license topic has gotten pretty hot recently with a bunch of OSS projects moving to very interesting forms of licensing be it SSPL like Elastic and MongoDB haven chosen to or AGPL like Grafana. [Read More]

Writing a Container Platform - Part 2

APIs and containers

Time to get going. First things first: we need to create a repository and initialize it. GitHub is the easy choice here, but also just as good as any other option right now. We follow the documentation to create ourselves a nice organisation so just in case this is actually going to be cool, the whole thing doesn’t just live in my personal space. Really, when you consider making something cool that might have an open source community in the future, keep it out of your personal space. [Read More]

Writing a Container Platform - Part 1

The Foundation

After spending a lot of time on Stack Overflow recently, a thought started pestering my brain: why is Kubernetes so complicated? This was followed by “Can I build something simpler?”, and so here we are, building our own Container Platform from scratch. Platform engineering is super hot right now so let’s have our own go at it. At the end of the whole thing, you will find the whole result oin GitHub, Open Source of course. [Read More]

Minikube and the image architecture

From stack overflow into a rabbit hole

Recently I’ve been trying to answer some more questions on stack overflow. For one to be a better member of the community but on the other hand also because I’ve been somewhat interested in joining the Docker Captain’s program and there are some requirements around activity, but that’s a story for a different day. Anyhow, after a lot of more or less simple questions, I landed at a super cool one. [Read More]