Advent of Code - Day 2

Day 2, another day, another challenge. Part 1 Here’s the challenge: --- Day 2: Cube Conundrum --- You're launched high into the atmosphere! The apex of your trajectory just barely reaches the surface of a large island floating in the sky. You gently land in a fluffy pile of leaves. It's quite cold, but you don't see much snow. An Elf runs over to greet you. The Elf explains that you've arrived at Snow Island and apologizes for the lack of snow. [Read More]

Advent of Code - Day 1

It’s the time of year again where you come together and… DO CODE CHALLENGEEEEEES! Yes, Advent of Code is basically happening every year. With 24 cool challenges, in this case actually more, as we will find out. So I thought, why not get some coding done and then write a little thing about it. Actually, I got hooked by Polar Signal’s “Let’s Profile”, so kudos go there. I think it’s probably needless to say ,but I don’t, wouldn’t and can’t claim that my solutions are the best or fastest or whatever. [Read More]